2020 Elections: Retailers Prepare For Post-Election Unrest

2020 is already a year of political tension and disruption. Does the only certainty seem to be how difficult it is to predict what happens next? Around the country, there are growing concerns that the bitterness and hostility over the presidential election will not end. From coast to coast, cities are preparing for possible threats, civil unrest, and violence after the 2020 elections results.

Dallas, however, is celebrating the win of Biden-Harris. “No longer can we be ignored,” said Tiara Cooper of Faith in Texas, one of a half-dozen organizations represented at the Dallas event, which began at Dallas City Hall. “The people have been heard. We need to continue to have our voices heard, and that’s going to require … a lot more work. Today we celebrate, but tomorrow it’s back to business.”

The 2020 election is the latest wild card for retailers, after a coronavirus pandemic and summer of civil unrest. Therefore, retailers have already sustained property damage, and millions of dollars lost due to the killing of George Floyd. According to the Insurance Information Institute, this year is marked as “the costliest civil disorder in U.S history”. 

The New Plan

The retail industry has sustained its share of difficulties this year, which led to the abrupt shutdown of thousands of stores. This time around they have a plan. 

We put some film on these windows so that they’re not easily broken; if they’re smashed, they’ll stay in place. And we’re hoping that no one can break into the store, at least not easily,” Roy Rodman says. His son adds, “The film makes the glass shatterproof so it doesn’t just explode upon contact.” 

Hundreds of national chains have pledged to give employees paid time off to vote in the 2020 elections, in addition to physical protection. Dan Schulman, president, and chief executive of PayPal, said in a news release;

“No American should have to choose between earning a paycheck and voting.”

What Should Be The Right Step?

As supporters of Joe Biden marched through the city streets, they could notice that there were hardly any police officers. Despite the peaceful gatherings, businesses have boarded up in anticipation of possible violence. 

Considering the political tension in the country and the losses businesses have suffered following the pandemic, uncertainty is certain. Business owners say they would rather be safe than sorry as polls suggest the majority of Americans expect vandalism in the coming days.

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