25 Shoplifting Prevention Tips for Retail Businesses

Opening a retail store is a huge investment in itself. With losses incurred due to shoplifting, generating revenue takes way more time and energy than expected. Small Dallas businesses usually have limited revenue, so it is difficult for them to cover theft expenses. Small retail stores are exceptionally vulnerable to retail theft and, therefore, shoplifting prevention is of extreme importance. 

Resources like video surveillance, security guards, and anti-theft devices are expensive for many shop owners. Habitual shoplifters know the details and placement of items in these retail stores to target them easily. Security patrol services report high shoplifting in Dallas. 

Is complete shoplifting prevention possible in retail businesses? Unfortunately No. To keep the stores 100% theft free is a utopian idea. Therefore, there are several ways to prevent shoplifting in Dallas. The following are the tips and tricks to catch shoplifters and reduce the risk of theft in your stores. 

1. Know the Times

Certain times of a day are more common for shoplifters. Therefore, Wednesday and Saturday are favored by the shoplifters. High-alert times are summers and holidays among the theft. Afternoon times and weekends are also more preferred by them.

2. Avoid Profiling

It is necessary to treat all the customers with the same level of trust, respect, and suspicion. There are many stereotypes regarding race and gender of the shoplifters. Men steal more than women. Also, the majority of shoplifters are middle-aged and well-paid employees.

3. Keep the Store Clean

Unorganized and messy stores will make shoplifting easier for the thefts. For shoplifting prevention keep the commodities in a neat and organized way in your store. This strategy will minimize the likelihood of stolen items.

4. Build Relationships with Customers

The customers are a prime part of any business. The better you know them, the fewer chances of stealing. There are two benefits of engaging with customers. First of all, they will know that you can pick them out by their names. Secondly, loyal customers will report the suspicious behaviors of other ones.

5. Build Relationships with the Employees

Relationship building goes for employees as well. Value and appreciate your employees so they can be honest with you. Because internal theft is a more serious problem than shoplifting. Engaged and happy employees exhibit this type of hostile behavior.

About 75 percent of the employees admit that they do steal at least one time.

6. Watch for Loiterers

Watch out for people who hang around your stores without the reason of buying anything. Relatively, it is very easy for loiterers to steal items and wander out in so much activity. In short, loiterers are usually bad news for Dallas businesses.

7. Run a Tight Ship

A well-oiled machine is more difficult to steal. Aware your staff with shoplifting prevention tips and share with them the ways to prevent a potential crime. When your employees will be vigilant, there will be no room for the shoplifting. In this way, your business will be less targeted.

8. Watch for Shifty Behaviour

Carefully watch the behavior of your customers. New shoplifters wear long sweatshirts, carry large bags, behave oddly, and spend a long time in the same aisle. Keep en eye on these signs and behaviors. 

9. Take a Shoplifter Perspective

What will you target if you were a shoplifter? Easily pocketed items in the front or heavy items in the back? Think like a thief while arranging your store and do the opposite. Put easily stolen items in a visible but hard to reach the place. It significantly lowers the chance of shoplifting.

10. Expand your Team

A huge difference can be made by hiring more employees. Therefore, it can turn out to be a costly decision. But another team member’s assistance at places where you were unable to watch will provide you much ease. 

11. Install Mirrors

It is impossible to watch every corner of your store every time. Installing mirrors will make surveillance much easier. This will also prevent theft. Mirrors provide a broader view and help in seeing every detail of the store. 

12. Add Prevention Techniques

Electronic article surveillance can prove to be an extremely costly method to prevent shoplifting. These are the tags that hang on clothes and other high-value items to detect theft. The benefits of these tags outweigh the cost of using them. A few tags and a little training can make the shoplifting much difficult.

13. Put up Signs

To protect your businesses, put up signs near costly items. Theft prevention signs are very common in stores. Advertise security methods, imposed fines, and maximize shoplifting charges. Retail stores with signs have fewer chances of theft.

14. Involve the Police

Local law enforcement participation can reduce the shoplifting up to 21 percent. Police and security can keep businesses safe from robbers. Dallas’s shoplifting can be reduced by involving Dallas’s security.

15. Use a Point Sale System (POS)

A point sale system can help you to prevent inventory shrinkage and potential issues. This system organizes inventory by tracking items by category and department. Besides, it tracks the cost, margin, quantity on hand, and reorder quantity. It also reduces internal theft risk. It will help in tracking every transaction and function during the time of sale. This system will help you in defining the pattern of sales and act your findings before its too late.

16. Manage Refunds and Returns

Develop a strict policy and stick to it. Because fraudulent returns are also a way to make money out of your business. Do not allow every little request to pass through your drawer, shoplifters can easily take advantage of it.  

17. Get Strict With Receipts

Receipts are the best way to prove a legitimate sale of a robbery in the world of shoplifting. Check the bags and receipts of the customers by the entrance. The idea of checking bags will make a huge difference. 

18. Use Shorter Displays

Shorter displays are easy to keep an eye on them. It will be easy to watch the customers in the store and survey commodities. It will minimize potential theft risk.

19. Put Your Checkout by the Exit

To efficiently watch your store, check out in the front can be a great idea. It makes it easy to greet customers and watch them while entering and exiting. Checkout at the back of the store can help organize the stockroom but can be bad for the Dallas business.

20. Install an Entrance Alert Sensor

Alerts sensors and buzzers should be installed at the entrances. This will provide two advantages;

  • One when someone enters the store
  • Other letting customers know that they are being watched.

Certainly, these sensors are very handy for retail stores.

21. Keep an Eye on Registers

Never leave the cash registers unattended. Swiping cash out of the register is an easy job for the shoplifters. Stay vigilant and let your team handle all the customer disputes.

22. Use Lockers

Install lockers in your businesses for shoplifting prevention. In this way, you can be sure shoplifters are not sneaking with goods and cash. Also, ban the use of large bags or purses.

Approximately, 25 percent of the shoplifters are kids while 75 percent are adults.

23. Monitor Dressing Rooms

Dressing rooms prove to be an ideal way for customers to shoplift. Position an employee near the dressing rooms to keep an eye on the customer. Besides, use a number system to track the items wandering in and out. 

24. Install Security Cameras

Video surveillance is the best way for shoplifting prevention. Therefore, it allows you to keep an eye on the store and record the criminal act. Dallas’s security can help you in installing security cameras in the right place.

25. Have a Plan

How will you respond when someone shoplifts? This calls for a step by step procedure. With a plan, you can react to this specific situation. The right strategy will give you the power to fight back. 

Shoplifting cannot be completely prevented in retail outlets. Pro-shoplifters might be out there luring on your weakness. Security patrol services in Dallas are working day in and day out to make your store safe and secure with a peaceful customer experience. We can help you devise a security plan as per your resources to reduce the Dallas crime rate in shoplifting. Contact us for more information from our expert strategy makers at Agile Security. 

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