4 Common Home Security Mistakes

The safety of your family and those inside your home is the paramount concern of any homeowner. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the basis of a comfortable and contented life. The most common home security threat out there is the lack of an effective home security system. Anyone with criminal intent knows how to spot a house without reliable security gear installed. Hire any of the reputable security companies in Dallas to deter the threat before it reaches you.

Securing a home needs a carefully thought out list of measures, systematically installed to cover all possible threats to a house. An ill-placed alarm or motion sensor that can be easily avoided is the same as no security system. We have compiled a list of the most common home security threats in Dallas, Texas. Feel free to get in touch with your questions regarding which system is compatible with your security needs. 

Living without a Security System

Only 38% of Americans own one or more home security products. These figures are alarming considering the crime rate against properties in the USA. Most simple homeowners believe that the inbuilt locks in their doors or windows are enough to protect them and their valuables. But they are not aware of the latest weapons that smart criminals have access to. Therefore, you may need multiple crime deterrent systems in place in addition to the locks. These may include, but are not limited to, alarms, sensors, cctv systems, and a house sitter during the vacation period. 

Insufficient CCTV Coverage

If you get a security system installed with alarms, sensors, cameras and all but they are not strategically placed, it is as good as no security system at all. When you buy a low-cost surveillance system, there is always the heavier cost you have to pay later. Getting a single camera only for the main entrance or sensors only for the large windows is not enough. Intruders are smart enough to do their homework and find the weak spot in your security plan. 

To avoid this, you may need to get a custom security plan to suit your needs. While buying a security system, reliability is more important than affordability. Take all entry points into consideration; tall trees, crawlspace, garage entrance, balconies, etc. 

System Settings Sensitivity Issue

Another common mistake people with security systems make is that they fear false alarms more than anything. If you have a pet at home, you might set your motion sensor too high to avoid triggering it from pet movement. Or, your sound sensors could be set to ignore low-frequency unusual sounds. This might give an intruder a chance to break into the house by mechanically cutting the glass instead of breaking it. 

This can be avoided by carefully calibrating the equipment to a medium-level sensitivity. DO NOT FEAR FALSE ALARM. Because a few false alarms are better than a missed real alarm. 

A number of home robbery cases are reported where the owners forgot to change batteries of their security systems and thus, no alarm, no footage is available to track the crime. Keep extra batteries at home to make sure your equipment is operational 24/7. Schedule a professional security inspection and maintenance on a regular basis to avoid a mishap.

Hazards of DIY Security Systems

More often than not, your first instinct for securing your house is buying a DIY security system off the rack. Apart from the fact that smart criminals know the hack to every DIY home security system, these things are more complicated than you think. Some devices may not work well with each other. For example, a tracking security camera may hamper the functioning of a motion detector. Also, some devices can not function if placed close to each other due to electromagnetic interference. So it’s better to leave that job to professional security companies in Dallas. 

Seek Help For Home Security Before It’s Too Late

The list of risks to your property goes on and on. But to avoid being an easy target, make some rules in your life. Don’t invite unnecessary strangers to your place. Don’t leave doors or pass-through windows open even if you’re home. Don’t ignore landscape maintenance as this gives thieves a place to hide. And, seek professional help before it’s too late.

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