4 Important Event Security Tips To Save You From Disaster

Planning a business conference, a family gathering, a sports event or a concert? Give serious considerations to event security arrangements. Security guard services are required to ensure the safety of everyone participating.

Special event security is a necessity irrespective of the type or size of the event. The event security guard company that you hire can make a risk assessment of the event and also keep an eye on intruders who try to access the event.

Take a look at how hiring efficient security services for your special event can help in keeping everyone safe.

A good event security service provider can help manage your event in 3 ways.

Managing Crowds:

We’ve said this on more than one occasion that event management is as much about managing people as it is about running events. As a focal event person you could be managing a crowd of hundreds (or even hundreds of thousands) of people. You should expect a different type of audience if you are holding a conference on Ecological trends than a heavy metal concert. It’s important to be aware of your audience’s characteristics, temperament and reason for being there. Although this is obvious, you should know that in events with alcoholic drinks served, there are increased chances of potential violence or stupidity. If you are serving liquor at your event than Its advisable to keep it under control before things get out of control. Bigger crowds require special event security as the chances of something going wrong increases.

Preventing Event Security Breach:

In special events where celebrities and VIPs are present, chances of a security breach are high. There are always gate-crashers who try to access the event and crowd control is of significant importance. In big events, media can also become a big problem to handle and if you do not deal with them the right way, it can turn into negative publicity. All these dangers are prevented if you have highly trained private event security guarding the event against intruders and media from causing a disturbance. Well-reputed security firms also use a video coverage system to avoid the occurrence of any issue and use the footage later on when required for legal use.

Emergency Situations:

Emergencies cannot be predicted and there is no set time for instances such as fire, earthquake or a sudden accident to take place. And if any of these emergencies occur during an event, it can lead to chaos. Trained security guards manage crises and evacuate people without any chaos. Skilled to ensure the safety of people present at the event, guards are well aware of the entrances and exit points. Therefore, the presence of a highly skilled security team at such events would greatly help in decreasing the chances of anything going wrong.

4 Event Security Tips for Event Success

When you are hosting an event on a big scale, the host must ensure the safety of its guests’. Gathering a large number of people together for an event is a big threat and such an event may result in mishaps like theft, stampede, etc. Hence, event security has to be taken quite seriously as anything can happen within a blink of an eye. Here we have some of the best tips for organizing a safe and secure event, have a look at them:


1. Planning in Advance

Before conducting an event, you probably plan everything about it starting from menu to venue. It is important to also have an event security checklist in detail before the start of the event. Security guards should know their role clearly before an event regarding their role during and after the event. There should be no ambiguity in performing their duties during the event. The security team should have a full plan and every security guard should know how to maintain discipline in the event.


2. Assessing the Risk

Every event organized requires a different security plan. A birthday party does not require an extreme security plan because there are fewer security risks compared to political gatherings. Therefore, risk assessment is extremely important if you want to have a successful event without any disturbance. And for that, you need to ask the right questions. For example, who are the guests or the chief guest of an event? Is there any chance of protests during an event? These types of questions are important to ask to ensure the safety of all guests.


3. Taking Necessary Security Measures

It is always in the benefit of all to take necessary security measures before the vent rather than to wait for any threat to transform into danger and then take any action upon it. Take every necessary action for ensuring the safety of all attendees to protect the event from any inconvenience.


4. Preparing an Emergency Plan

When you plan an event, prepare an emergency plan. Some of the emergency scenarios include charting out SOP’s in case of fire or earthquake, etc. All staff members must be well aware of the emergency SOP and guest manage in case of evacuation.

Train the staff before the event on SOP on how to direct the guests towards a safe and secure location. Make sure that there is an alternative source of communication in case the primary source breaks down.


A strong security team with the knowledge of combining physical security with modern technology would efficiently manage your event. Security officers at Agile Security are physically and technologically trained to ensure the safety and security of everyone participating in your event. As one of the best security companies in Dallas, we do our best to deter, detect and report in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Our guard services have made a mark in the industry in the last decade through dedication and quality services.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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