6 Tips For Gated Community Safety and Security

Most families prefer to live in a safe and secure environment where all the amenities of life are easily accessible. Gated communities fulfill all these requirements. As the term gated gives its residents a sense of community safety and security. It also gives them the peace of mind that their families are well protected behind the guarded community gates and walls. Stringent security measures in a community not only attracts new residents but also helps in retaining existing ones. In case, the residents have some security concerns, they will opt for another place offering better security. 

Many security companies in Dallas provide personnel and expertise to make the property safer for its residents. Property managers, together with the security personnel, should ensure that they avoid any mistakes that can lead to a security breach in their gated community. Here are some security features which ensure the optimized safety of the residents inside a gated community.   

1. Secure Access Points

There is a definite number of entry/exit points in a well-protected gated community. Importantly, the whole community should be walled and fenced properly to ensure no security breach from any point. Simple gates can not ensure safety as the burglars these days are smart enough to manipulate the gates. So, secure the access points with electronic gates and professional security guards. 

These security personnel should be familiar with every resident and must maintain a complete entry/exit log. Residents must give prior information to the security staff if they are expecting any guests. Ask all the visitors to fill in a log register with the required information and note their timing of entry and exit.

2. Communication Between Residents & Security Staff

All the residents of the community should have access to the security team directly. This is very effective in case the residents observe something suspicious in their surroundings. Security staff can also respond swiftly to any incident and it will not allow the intruder to wander around the community freely. 

A representative of security must be available 24/7 to respond to any security issues concerning the residents. Prompt reporting and efficient communication between the residents and security staff results in enhanced community safety.

3. 24/7 Availability of Security Staff

Security personnel should be present at all gates throughout the day and night. Guards should not leave their positions at gates at any time of the day, even so for a few minutes. Potential burglars tend to observe the movements of guards during duty and shift change time. They can take advantage of any loopholes, and this security breach can lead to any crime such as robbery, theft, or physical assaults. 

4. Patrolling Security

A well-secured community not only needs protection at the gates but also inside the walled compound. Security patrol services fulfill this need. A team of security staff should patrol the streets of the community, especially at night. This will also help them in noticing any unusual thing happening in their surroundings. 

5. Professional Guard Training

Hire a security company that provides well-trained security personnel. These guards should particularly know how to deal with emergency situations. Define and explain the roles and responsibilities of each and every staff person. Invest in the security staff and also ask the security company to continuously work on their training and motivation. 

Conduct regular meetings with everyone concerned with community safety. This includes the residents, employees, and security personnel to inform and educate them on the latest security protocols.  

6. Efficient Use of Technology

Only guards at the gates are not sufficient to keep track of all the movements in the community. The use of technologically advanced security systems is very important these days. Come up with a combination of physical-plus-camera security. Use the latest surveillance gadgets for assisting the security staff in maintaining a peaceful environment inside the community. Additionally, install CCTV cameras at gates and multiple locations and monitor them all the time. Keep a track of all the cars by the use of an automatic license plate recognition system. Digital visitor log management systems are also handy in retrieving information quickly in the time of need.

7. Stay Alert: Community Safety Needs Your Attention

Gated community’s security and safety are of prime importance to residents. They also contribute to building the reputation of the property manager and security company. Property managers should make sure that they employ a security company with a good reputation and services. It helps in attracting new residents and retaining the existing residents. There are many security guards companies in Dallas with optimized security features. They help in developing specialized security protocols, practices, and systems for your gated community. Contact us so we can help you analyze your community safety requirements and find the best security solution for you.

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