Dallas Riots Leave Business Owners Boarding Up

As the protests over the death of George Floyd sweep the country, business owners from Downtown Dallas to Lower Greenville have decided to board up their windows. Several businesses have been looted in Dallas riots, so most of the store and business owners are putting up signs to take precautions. Therefore, they cannot afford to take further vandalization.

On Saturday night of June 1st, 2020, about 30 looters robbed into a nearby store in Uptown. They steal all the money and smash the windows into small pieces. The owner of the store Trevor Arterburn said;

“I was in complete shock to see what they did to the store. It was just devastating.”

Although the owner replaces the broken windows, still he decide to keep boards on all the windows. Also, he hires armed security guards to look after his store 24 hours a day. 

Businesses that are even miles away from the looting incidents are also boarding up the windows. The fear of damage to property due to the Dallas protest and riots is increasing. The lockdown already incurred enough loss to small businesses. Any further damage to property is something businesses cannot afford.

The manager of The Gym of Social Mechanics, Purcell Esquivel said, “Financially, for us, we felt like it was the right decision to put up the boards,she explained. “It would be hard for us to take on any additional costs for our business.”

The legendary Wild Bill’s Western Store in the West End also boards up to his store in the preparation of protests. Owner Bill Dewbre put up a 7-foot-tall plyboard. But his security informs him that looters have crossed the barrier and broke down the windows.

“I don’t understand why we as retailers across the U.S. are being punished for something we had nothing to do with, he said. “We look to serve and supply them. It’s bewildering to me. Times like this when as a business owner, you have to think, ‘How do I survive a situation beyond my control?’ “It’s not correct what was done” to George Floyd, he said. “But this is not creating justice. This is creating havoc.”

What Can Small Business Owners Do?

Like in other parts of the US, Dallas business owners are not taking any chances whatsoever after the looting protests. Security companies in Dallas are being hired on-site all night long. Therefore, the businesses across the country have suffered extensive damage from looting due to the protests. In short, the government should take precautionary measures to avoid further damage. But you cannot rely entirely on the authorities. Assess your resource and hire the best possible security setup to protect your business.



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