DIY Home Security Systems: Is it a risk worth taking?

Diy projects are great, but in places where risk is minimal. You want to remodel your furniture, try DIY. You want new wall paint, DIY would be a good idea. But you won’t DIY your tooth crowning, you will go to a qualified dentist. You should also go to experienced security companies in Dallas for security systems. 

There are plenty of things in a home on which you can do some saving, home security shouldn’t be one of them. A reliable home security system means a safer environment for your family. You may save a few bucks on the DIY home security, but if it fails, the loss will be tremendous.

Here are a few reasons why hiring any of the professional home security companies is a better idea.

Lack of 24/7 Monitoring

A burglar alarm depends entirely on its monitoring center to report a crime to the police. Sure, you can see a break-in or an intruder on your smartphone when you are away from home and call the cops. But what if you and your loved ones are inside the house at the time of the break-in. Who will call the cops? A 24/7 monitoring center is an essential for any property owner. And it is not just about the break-ins. If a pipeline bursts, or a running appliance catches fire, a timely response is the key.

DIY Alarms are Hackable

It’s true that the idea of wireless technology sounds great but did you know that these DIY home security systems are often hackable? These wireless systems are mostly running on the same frequencies as other consumer electronic gadgets in your home. Therefore, they can easily be hacked by intruders. For example, a cheap remote control jammer can cause your security system to collapse. 

In addition to that, wireless technology in diy security systems is dependent on an uninterrupted supply of electricity and internet. However, a professional security setup by any one of the security companies in Dallas allows dual-frequency cellular transmission equipment along with the wireless equipment. This provides uninterrupted monitoring in case of power and internet outage. This qualifies for 24/7 monitoring in true sense.

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

Complicated Installation

DIY security systems are set up using complicated instruction manuals or with the help of a tutorial on Google. That setup does not involve years of experience on where alarm systems, CCTV, smoke sensors, or glass break sensors should be placed. The manual will not tell you which CCTV camera is the best for securing your property. A professional from any of the home security companies will tell you that.

Tech Savvy Criminals

Believe it when we say that the criminals today are more tech-savvy than you. They know a DIY when they see it. And of course they know the hack better than you. Not only that, a criminal intruder is always innovating their operations. A professional protection patrol service knows the latest trends in the “criminal industry” and has effective strategies to deal with them. This is why they say if you have set out to do something, do it right the first time!

False Alarms

Security industry data shows that there is an increase in false alarms over the past few years. This increase is being seen at the same time when people are installing more diy security systems. Consequently, we assume that the false alarm is due to improper security system installation or weak internet coverage. You sure do not want to be a victim of this alarming trend, do you?

The essence of this article is that the security system must secure you from outside threats. It must guarantee peace of mind for you. However, in a DIY security system, you need DIY installation, DIY monitoring, and DIY response. That is not the definition of peace of mind. Contact Agile Security and Patrol Services to analyze what type of security system you need to secure your property.

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