Handy Tips for Business Security

Technological innovation is making waves all around the globe. On the one hand, new innovations are helping businesses to grow. At the same time, they are posing security risks to the business as well. No matter the size of the business, each employer needs security solutions to protect its documentation, records, cash, and information about the people.

As one of the best security companies in Dallas, Agile has years of experience in securing businesses. This article offers some business security tips for employers.

1. Business Security through Smartphones

Today’s businesses rely heavily on mobile devices mainly smartphones to complete any task. From customer relations to inventory control, from banking to marketing, all operations require this one device. Despite convenience and productivity, smartphones also bring higher security risks

Best security practices for the smartphone include the following:

  • Switch off WiFi on your phone when in public place and try to use private cell connections.
  • Have an antivirus app for enhanced security against malware.
  • Always have a backup of data to protect the important documents.
  • Don’t click on promotional email’s link nor open any suspicious attachments.

2. Use Strong Passwords

Security companies suggest keeping the phone locked for securing the business. It is advisable to have a 4 or 6-digit passcode or an alphanumeric code on the smart devices. Moreover, facial identification and fingerprint scanning is also a viable option to protect data.

It is advisable to have a password on all the mobile apps that contain personal data. Also, the password for all the accounts should not be the same and should be changed occasionally. 

Every time there is a security breach, the business loses thousands of dollars as a fine for not using a hard drive destruction company.

3. Control Your Keys

Private security companies also suggest having key control policies for small business security systems. There are a lot of things to consider like does the entry room only requires a key to open? Are the business documents or inventory accessible through a lock or key? 

The major issue here is if supplies or inventory go missing, there is no way to determine it. Moreover, duplicating keys without permission is not a problem. 

The problem can be solved by having an effective access control policy which includes the following steps:

  • Have a patented keying system.
  • Design a master key system.
  • Have an agreement with the employees stating that lost keys must be informed immediately. 
  • Strict policy regarding the transfer of keys among employees.

4. Erase Your Hard Drives

For better business security, the data must be deleted completely from the hard drives when disposing it off. A hard drive or computer can lead to a data breach if fallen into the wrong hands. Business security companies suggest hiring a business security service that has expertise in properly deleting electronic data. Destroy the hard drives yourself or hire a company to do that. This would make the data unrecoverable. This practice also saves the business from a heavy fine. 

Every time there is a security breach, the business loses thousands of dollars as a fine for not using a hard drive destruction company.business security

5. Develop a Social Media Policy

Nothing stays private on the internet. A lot of security concerns are arising because of social networking and email. Technologies spread information easily and rapidly. And once the information is out, it can not be controlled or recalled. Therefore, having a social media policy formulated in the beginning increases business security. 

As part of the social media policy, one cannot write anything about the company or represent it unless authorized to do so. When, where and who will represent the company is decided by the higher management, therefore a policy decided beforehand is always a better option.

6. Installing High-Security Deadbolts

A deadbolt is a commercial door lock for securing exterior doors. Installing a deadbolt is an essential element of the best business security systems. A deadbolt that is properly installed provides the best security even against the most determined intruder. 

Deadbolt consists of a steel bolt which when extends travels through the metal strike plate and door frame thus making it exceptionally strong against intruders. Deadbolts are very common in households, however, they are equally important for business security to ensure the safety of employees as well as the company items.

7. Install an Alarm System 

An alarm system is an important tool in business security solutions. One might believe that installing a basic alarm system is enough that scares away the intruders but unquestionably, it is not. For business security, a monitored alarm system is necessary. The benefit of an alarm system is that it is monitored round the clock by the security services.  

For this purpose, the company must understand the language of security in order to coordinate things with the security company. In this way, the employer can utilize the system effectively after it is installed at the office. 

8. Use Security Cameras

Companies use security cameras as part of business security for two purposes: deterrence and investigation. The images and recordings from security cameras are used after a crime or an accident. It helps the evaluation team understand what actually happened. But at the same time, camera installation makes people cautious as they know they are being watched so they prefer to be at the best behavior. 

Most intruders enter through the front door so the prime location of installing a camera is the front door. It should face the visitors as they approach the door. To get the most out of the security cameras, you need to decide where to place them. 

9. Visitor Management Policy

Visitor management policy is a security solution that helps in preventing an issue before it has occurred. An unauthorized visitor can be a threat to your business. If a suspicious individual is about to enter your office, the visitor sign-in policy at the reception will put him off. The system thus plays the role of a security guard. 

When writing the policy, decide to restrict the visitors to a particular entry point or reception. Also, decide on the level of access for visitors. Whether they can roam around on their own or not. Asking visitors to wear the visitor tag must also be implemented. All these measures help the employees in reporting a suspicious individual. Consult the sample visitor management policy for writing a customized document for your own business.

10. Select a Floor Marshall

A floor marshall is the one responsible for effective emergency response. In large companies, it is not possible to recognize everyone who is entering or leaving the organization. Many employees, therefore, would not question the identity because of being unaware. Intruders are aware of this and try to take benefit from the situation. This is where the visitor management policy’s role is nullified.

Therefore, for workplace security, the companies must assign a floor marshall to protect the business against such intruders. Hire a floor marshalls through the security services companies. All the employees are to report to him in case of noticing a suspicious visitor. The floor marshall is essentially responsible for enforcing the visitor management policy. 

Final Word

Developing and growing a business requires a huge amount of effort, time and resources. All your hard work may be useless if you do not take steps to secure your business. Companies must educate their employees on business security tips on an individual level. These steps will benefit the organization in the long run. Agile, as one of the best security companies in Dallas Texas, is equipped with the right expertise to provide security to your business. Reach out to us for a free consultation of your security needs.


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