How to Improve Your Business Security System?

Have you ever thought about how secure your business is? Or what does a criminal look for when targeting your business? With technological advancements, criminal activities have also evolved and so have the threats to small businesses. Hence, it is important to regularly review your business security plan and incorporate new technology to keep your business secured.

Business Security Review on Personal Level

In order to begin working on the Business Security plan, the first thing you need to ask is the available options of private security companies near me. After that, ask yourself certain questions like:

  1. Has your business witnessed growth in the past years?
  2. Have you remodeled the building?
  3. Have you witnessed an increased employee turnover?
  4. Did you experience employee theft or any criminal activity?
  5. Have you introduced new offers or products?

Keep a check if your business security system is appropriately updated or not as the security needs are rapidly changing. One might get confused by the variety of business security solutions. However, we are here to shortlist the available options for you. With Agile Security, you can arrange a free no-obligation security review. As your trusted security partner, Agile will visit your premises, ask the right questions, offer some business security tips and formulate an affordable security plan based on your specific needs.

Which Areas of your Business Need Protection?

During the free business security review, the Agile representative evaluates your current system security plan and ask you some important questions:

  1. Is limited access to your building important for you?
  2. How many buildings do you need to secure?
  3. Is there any staff monitoring system?
  4. Do you have any security concerns whether outdoor or indoor?
  5. Do you need real-time security or something more passive?

Depending on the assessment by our representative, we will create the best business security system within your approved budget. You will be paying only for the things you need and avoid paying for anything else.

What New Features could you Add in your Security Plan?

With one or more of the following features, you can make a new security plan for your business:

1. Burglar Alarm Systems

With technological advancement, you can rely on a burglar alarm. Our newly updated systems are extremely secure. For example, in case your building loses power, your security system will be armed and still working. You will be notified on your mobile regarding power outage. It also eliminates the risk that an intruder can cut off the phone lines to obstruct the transmission of alarm signals. In the modern alarm systems, you can avail remote access to control what is going on in your office no matter where you are.

2. Fire Alarms

In order to protect your business, buildings, and employees, it is important to install monitored fire alarms. Keep fire inspections a major part of your security plan so you do not have to schedule inspections from time to time. When you leave the inspections to the experts, then you also get to escape learning the inspection code lingo.

3. Video Surveillance

Whether to involve video surveillance in your system security plan or not is a question that comes up a lot. Though this feature comes with a high price tag, it also solves many problems. However, with technological innovations, the Agile team can take up your existing analog system and transform it into an HD system. This is a big achievement for businesses that need professionally installed video surveillance but do not have enough budget for it. When accessing and sending video clips, newer camera systems are more user-friendly. Agile Security and Patrol Services, one of the best security companies in Dallas, can guide you through the different video surveillance options and help you choose the appropriate one for your big or small business security system.

4. Security Officers & Screening Before Employment

Other than these electronic features, there is also another different package that provides two types of security; security officials and pre-employment screening. A physical form of security acts as a deterrent against a potential threat. For instance, one of our clients experienced multiple break-ins in their parking lot. So, they added a mobile patrol car for a few weeks to work as a deterrent. We also recommend a suitable pre-employment screening system as sensitive data employee theft is quite common in all sorts of businesses.

Let Agile Protect You

When you are working with Agile security, you will only pay for what you need and not for irrelevant services. You will be satisfied knowing that your business and employees are in safe hands without going overboard with your budget. We will do our job and you will enjoy the peace of mind. If you are interested in consulting with one of our local security experts regarding your business security plan, you can schedule a free security review with us!

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