Mandatory Face Masks in Dallas Businesses

On Friday, June 19, 2020, Dallas County Commissioners with a 3-2 vote favors an ordinance that says that the people of Dallas should wear face masks while going into businesses. Otherwise, whoever violates this law in Dallas businesses has to pay a fine up to 500$. Commissioners Price and J.J Koch oppose requisite rules by saying, “Right now it’s going to disproportionately affect small businesses,” Commissioner Koch said. “Big businesses will learn how to play the game, little ones will get hurt.”

Meanwhile, an amendment was made. It says that wearing masks is mandatory in a place where six feet of separation is not possible. This order is an exception for eating and drinking places. Besides, the new order includes the implementation of other mitigating measures to prevent the spread of pandemic COVID-19. 

“It’s important because we really don’t want this to spread no more than it has,” said Fred Walker, owner of Fred’s Downtown Philly in Carrollton.

Within five days the businesses have to come up with a new health plan. So, it defines safety measures that people must follow in order to get services. 

Therefore, face masks in Dallas are not obligatory. For example, while exercising outside, driving alone or with family members or doing security surveillance in banks, etc. However, we at Agile believe in different rules for security guards. All guards employed by Dallas security companies must wear masks to protect themselves from the viral infection.


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At fitness centers like Gold’s Gym, enforcing the new rules will be difficult, says President and CEO Adam Zeitsiff.

“We want our team members to be safe, we want our guests to be safe, but at the same time we don’t want to turn them into basically policing everyone throughout the entire time at the gym,” Zeitsiff said.

The government then reminded that face masks are essential to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Dallas’s small businesses. In fact, it cannot replace social distancing, frequent handwashing, and quarantine time. However, customers without face masks will not receive any services. “We’re finally going to be able to do that again after the governor stopped us from doing it last month,” Jenkins said.

What you can do next?

In Dallas, nearly 400 new cases along with deaths and an increase in hospitalization are reported daily. The next step is to make a habit of wearing a face mask while going into businesses. It is necessary to prevent COVID-19 spread in Dallas. Bexar County and the City of Austin have already taken the order. 

“This is for our safety and everyone else’s safety and if we can keep the curve down that’s what we’re looking for,” said Jen Southern-Allen, who wore a mask at a nail salon off Mockingbird Lane

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