Office Building Security: Do’s and Don’ts

Why the question of reliable and affordable business security has become even more significant among the security companies in Dallas, Texas in the times of a pandemic? We are living in an age where crime is rampant. Criminals seem to have become audacious day by day. Covid-19 has already weakened the strength of businesses to sustain any financial loss. Therefore, businesses cannot afford to take any risks whatsoever on building security. Agile Security can help Dallas security companies with a unique business security system that does not cost them a fortune. 

Tips For Office/Building Security


1. Consider your unique Security needs

Security needs are not harmonized for all types of businesses. Carefully, consider your distinctive needs before investing in anything. However, the primary consideration is the location. For instance, a highly targeted area needs more security breaches than a low targeted one.

2. Install Video Surveillance Systems

Security cameras are an effective resource for identifying criminals. Video surveillance provides 24/7 reliable coverage. Also, it can help in catching any inappropriate movement in the office. Security surveillance technology has now become so efficient that they can track any suspicious movement and trigger alert warning on their own even if someone is not monitoring them 24/7. These systems are especially suitable for large offices where it is expensive to have patrolling guards on every entry/exit point. 

3. Opt For Monitored Alarm System

Having a security system for business security is great, but it is of no use if no one is watching it. Non-monitored systems do not notify law enforcement immediately. A monitored alarm system, however, connects a call center as soon as the alarm is set off. The police are notified as a result. Besides, a monitored alarm system can also generate a quick response in case of an emergency. For example, if an employee faints or a piece of equipment catches fire, the monitoring team can call for rescue within seconds of the incident.

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1. Don’t Forget About the Potential for Inside Security Risks

It is not necessary that business is only in danger by outsiders. There can be, in some cases, potential security risks within your business. It is important to protect your assets both from intruders or unscrupulous employees. For that, we offer a multi-level security approach where no one employee has access to all valuable resources. When hiring employees, do a complete background check on any criminal history and reason for leaving the previous job. Prepare a few but meaningful questions to ask when conducting reference checks. In addition, it is mandatory to maintain a record of who accessed areas of the building with valuable assets at what time and date. You can consider installing additional security devices in sensitive areas.

2. Don’t Install CCTVs in Illegal Areas 

Video surveillance systems cannot be legally installed in some areas. Don’t install security cameras in restrooms or fitting rooms. Also, let the employees know where you are installing the cameras. Letting them know is very essential for legal reasons. But make sure you cover all areas of the building with video surveillance, or else it would lead to a security loophole. 

3. Don’t Try to Secure Your Own Business Yourself

There are a lot of security luxuries out there. For example, security cameras, trip alarms, etc. 

It may seem easy to set up your own security system. But it will not be of the same quality as that of security expert. Buying a security system yourself does not allow you to customize it properly. This cost-saving would harm you after the damage is done. So, make sure to hire one of the most professional Dallas security companies to get a reliable security system for your office.

4. Don’t Ignore Common Trouble Spots

There are a few areas in offices that see more drama than others. Don’t ignore these tension prone trouble spots.

  • The Reception Area
  • The in-and-out staircases
  • The Restrooms
  • Parking lots

How We Help Our Clients?

If you discuss your security needs with experts at Agile Security, we would guide you through the process of securing your business premises. We take into account what are the unique needs of your office building. We specialize in designing security systems that stay within your budget and help get you the desired results. 

When you hire any professional security companies in Dallas, Texas, they know what is legal and allowed by law in your area of business. We offer 24/7 monitoring with specially trained guards to ensure you sleep in peace, knowing we are doing our job. 

To learn more about how Agile Security helps its clients in building security, book a free consultation session with us.

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