Physical Security: 3 Things You Need To Know

Today American unrest is a serious public concern considering that the United States is experiencing a level of polarization and unparalleled division in modern times. Consequently, this level of conflict builds up to protests, riots, looting, and violence with terrible results for business without a proper physical security structure.

It is crucial to maintain a high level of physical security where emotions are raw and people express their anger in public and physical ways. Therefore, to provide protection patrol services to people and property, government buildings, and retail outlets, a vigilant physical security system is needed.

Experts at Dallas security companies suggest three tips for assessing the level of security required. You can also keep a physical security checklist to streamline the process of securing the perimeters. Agile security actively provides protection patrol services to their clients in the Dallas Fortworth region;

1. Consider security from all angles

Determine the level of perimeter security you need. Consider the location of the building, the presence of security staff, the safety of residents, and the value of the contents.

Perimeter security should be designed to prevent the entry of intruders. However, several access control systems and levels of protection are available for this. 

Rolling security grilles can act as both visual and physical deterrents for exterior and interior openings. These grilles fit in small headspaces and can easily be concealed. Rolling grilles can be an ideal solution for counters, retail displays, or access control areas in a building.

2. High-value targets

A standard rolling steel door can be a good option depending on your security needs. Robust doors, with heavy-duty steel curtains, make them virtually impenetrable. Also, it provides a high level of security against unauthorized individuals. In addition, it visually deters multiple assailants with special options and tools for various durations of time.

Most of the doors on the market are lift and impact resistant. Some of the doors have heavy-duty bottom bars that prevent doors from being pried open. Therefore, heavy-duty rolling security doors can be applied to the exterior or interior openings.  

3. Additional security enhancement features

Rolling security doors are custom with configurable features for perimeter security. Different projects have different needs for instance;

  • Consider a rolling security door to protect against the threat of smoke or toxic gases. Thus, a third party tests this to withstand smoke penetration.
  • Automatic closing systems that can be paired with a building’s rolling doors give building occupants a sense of safety in an emergency situation.
  • A motor operator with battery backup will ensure the closure of security doors even with the interruption of power.
  • Application systems can enable users to monitor the doors from a computer or smartphone. Moreover, owners and security personnel should monitor door position and limit access control.

Physical security is crucial to any business, big or small. Protection patrol services for your business can be difficult but not impossible. Use the right tips and skills for an effective plan. The monitoring schedule depends on your location and security needs. As one of the leading Dallas security companies, Agile Security can better understand physical security for your place.

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