Physical Security Checklist

Physical security measures are designed to deny unauthorized access to facilities, equipment, and resources to protect property and personnel. Physical security includes CCTV surveillance, security guards, access control, deterrent systems, and other systems. 

The importance of physical security is undeniable whether you have a small or large business. Effective physical security measures mean creating the right infrastructure for your business. Deciding how to protect your business and its assets can seem impossible at first. But with the right tips and tricks, private security companies in Dallas Texas can help you with this. 

Agile Security has compiled the following six physical security measures to make up your physical security strategy. 

1. Robust Access Controls 

Access control is the digital method. Employees and other credentialed individuals may enter using this access method. It can be through a swipe card, keypad, fingerprint scanner, and so forth. Besides, the supplier can also digitally connect with your access methods. In fact, they can log, monitor, and adjust the employee’s access to those entryways. 

Some businesses choose to create access controls within the building for extra physical security measures. Also, it can be configured with different access permissions in different locations. Your needs entirely depend on your situation. However, it could include high-tech options like finger-printing scanning or could be as easy as a PIN-entry system. 

2. Issuance of ID Cards

One important physical security measure for any business to implement is ID cards for employees. Think of it as a second form of verification. Even after an access control system, it is essential to issue staff ID cards. Because it allows you to be aware of who is entering and exiting through the building. Each employee must have an access key plus an identity card to verify at the entrance. ID cards are an inexpensive and effective way of checking building security.

3. Car Park Security

Unauthorized parking, vandalism, and other security problems management can cost your business valuable time and money. Therefore, successfully maintaining a secure car park can encourage the visitors to come again and again. Besides, it will increase your revenue while giving your customers peace of mind.

Install static security systems like video surveillance. Consequently, monitoring vehicle access can play a major role in preventing potential security problems. Enforce parking regulation 24/7 using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems. This can help in the event of unauthorized parking or parking violation. Investing in adaptable systems can help you to maintain a secure car park. We offer comprehensive security patrol services to keep your businesses safe. 

4. Exterior Lights

Another great physical security feature to your business is the addition of exterior lights. It is a simple and effective physical security measure. Install automatic motion-sensing lights to illuminate anyone on the property after dark. Exterior lights can be a great deterrent to crime. Therefore, criminals will likely not risk getting caught if the property is properly illuminated.

5. Video Surveillance

Installing security cameras or video surveillance can be an excellent security measure. It not only provides criminal evidence but also deters crimes. In addition, placing CCTVs outside and inside your building can monitor employee activity as well as deter internal theft. 

Another option is round-the-clock surveillance from a professional security firm. It can be expensive for some businesses. But discuss the potential for security patrol services with other local businesses. This will help to spread the cost. 

6. Develop a Security Culture

One of the fundamental things that you can do for your physical security is to make sure your staff takes security measures seriously. Employees should never be encouraged to do check-ups on anyone. In fact, they can be a precious line of defense in terms of surveillance and business security. 

Offer regular training sessions about the importance of proper security practice and educate them. To protect the business assets, physical security holds immense importance.

Plan For the Future

Every business is different, so before you make any security decision, consider the needs of your space. If you lack the expertise to install an effective physical security system, hire a security consultant. Agile Security, as one of the leading private security companies in Dallas Texas, might provide the perfect solution to your problem. We can make your business more efficient, more secure, and much safer. 

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