Physical Security Measures for your Business

Physical security measures are installed to provide security patrol services and safeguard the physical assets of a business. Also, it plays a critical role in protecting valuable data and information. With all the emphasis on cybersecurity, physical security needs equal attention by security companies in Dallas Texas. Securing business premises from physical attacks can be just as challenging as defending against cybercrimes. 

2021 required a new approach to physical security. The best physical security strategy makes use of advanced technology and trained security personnel to protect the assets. Meanwhile, deciding on how to protect your business and its assets can be a difficult process. As one of the most business-friendly private security companies, we help businesses in creating a powerful physical security plan. Here is a list of essential physical measures for your business.

1. External Areas

The first barrier to enter your business area is the external areas. Therefore, don’t make it easy for intruders to access your premises. Also, don’t give them easy hiding spots. Putting up perimeter walls, security gates, motion sensor, lightning, grill gates, and video surveillance makes your building more secure from burglars.

2. Access Control

Control the entrance and exit points of your business by having access control methods. Subsequently, installing an access control system can reduce the possibility of opportunist theft and damage. Besides, it makes it harder for intruders to access your building.

3. CCTV and Alarms

Video surveillance and alarms work well to deter crime, unauthorized activities, and access to your building. Moreover, CCTV plays a prime part in catching and monitoring. While the alarms quickly notify the authorities of any break-ins.

4. Asset Protection

Invest in a safe, lockable cabinet, and padlocks to protect your valuables. However, important documents, equipment, and money need to be stored in a safe and secure area. It minimizes the chances of them being stolen and removes them from unauthorized personnel.

5. Fire Protection

Fire can have a devastating effect on your business. What would happen if your important documents and data get destroyed? How would your business cope? Don’t worry, the solution is to invest in fireproof safes and cabinets, fire alarm systems, and response systems. These all will give you the protection that you need for your business.  

6. Response Plan

Any physical security plan would be incomplete without a response plan in place. As a result, consider implementing guards in particular secure locations. Besides, hook up your alarm systems to notify the authorities of a security breach.

Modification to Physical Security Measures

In addition to physical security measures like round-the-clock security patrol services, technology-supported security measures are also important. The reason for this combination approach to secure a business is that intruders have access to technology. If we only rely on traditional methods of security, offenders will have an edge over the security companies in Dallas Texas that locals rely on.

To convince you further, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in security through technology as well.

1. A Sound Investment

Investment in advanced technologies can benefit both clients and suppliers of the business. When fit for purpose and implemented effectively, a sound investment can comfort clients through reduced expenditure. Also, suppliers can often make just as much profit.

2. Deterrence to Offending

Advances in security technology can deter offenders. Subsequently, the key to this is the doubt that advanced technology can foster in offender’s minds. In short, these new security measures are much less predictable.

3. Human Element is Important

Intruders see more opportunities where technology dependence results in fewer guards to provide security patrol services. Burglars also see humans as being the weak link in the effectiveness of security personnel. Thus, they look for ways to exploit their careless, untrained, and corrupt attitude. 

How Can We Help With Physical Security?

Safety is important for every small and big business. The best physical security measures outlined in this blog will help you establish a secure environment for your business. In fact, it is worth the extra effort to spend time creating a comprehensive physical security plan, complete with access control, security patrol services, and backups for emergencies.

As one of the leading private security companies, Agile Security can help you in keeping your business safe. Our security patrol services can assist you in assessing physical security measures. Feel at ease to contact us for a FREE consultation. 

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