Retail Security Tips For Christmas in Covid-19

Retail security should be a top priority of storeowners all year round. But you should pay even closer attention to these matters during the holiday season!

With Christmas just a week away, many of us will be hitting the shops. It is the busiest time for shopping in the year. Additionally, it is the busiest period in a thieves’ calendar as well. Seasonal promotions and events can send larger than usual crowds to the store. And with the crowd, noise, and hustle-bustle, it is easy to get distracted and disoriented. Also, it can leave you vulnerable to theft and fraud, therefore, putting employees and customers in danger.

But there is nothing to worry about. As one of the leading professional security companies in Dallas, Texas, Agile Security is well aware of the risks during this festive period. Hence, we have compiled a list of handy tips to minimize or completely avoid any security and safety hazards this holiday season.

Here are five retail security tips for the store owners to help you keep your stock, staff, and consumers safe.

1. Ensure fitting rooms are attended

The use of fitting rooms is a popular technique to facilitate theft. It is an old trick among the shoplifters. Undoubtedly, fitting rooms provide thieves the time and space needed to remove security and price tags. Shoplifters usually prefer to shop when staff members are low particularly during the early morning, lunchtime, and just before closure. So, make sure that you pay close attention during these times. It is crucial, therefore, that you have at least one member of staff manning your fitting rooms at all times throughout the festive season.

2. Address shoppers as they enter the store

The good offense is the best defense sometimes. A simple employee greeting can serve as an effective hindrance in a shoplifter way. Besides, it demonstrates that the shop is well-staffed and employees are diligent.

Place a security guard or staff member at the entrance of the shop. Also,  tell them to address the customers as they enter. As a result, this will deter criminals, and create an extra obstacle for burglars attempting to make a hasty exit.

3. Double-up cashier staff

Shoplifters will often attempt to distract cashier staff with their inquisitive behavior. Since this is an effective way of preventing workers from spotting concealed items and switched price tags, it gives bold thieves an opportunity to grab a handful of notes from the till.

Double-up cashier staff to deal with customer inquiries. It will hamper these attempts and give legitimate customers a better in-store experience.

4. Respond to suspicious behavior

Things to look out for in-store working hours;

  • Possible concealment devices e.g rucksacks, shopping bags, etc.
  • Large groups of people who only come for window shopping
  • People who appear outwardly nervous
  • People taking large quantities of clothing into fitting rooms

If any of the staff members find anything suspicious, instruct them to approach the person in question. This approach will not only put off the potential thief but make them think twice about stealing. 

5. Securing your assets

Make sure that staff locks the storeroom whenever they exit it. Also, the back entrance should be secured with a gate and a substantial lock. Particularly, don’t leave stock unattended. 

Large crowds make it difficult for staff to keep tabs on everything that’s happening in the store. Hence, this provides shoplifters to take on every possible opportunity including staff belongings like jewelry, phones, etc. 

What Grocery Store Employees and Patrons Need To Know About COVID-19?

Studies have shown that grocery store workers face accelerated risks of COVID-19 infection while they are on duty. As a grocery or food retail worker, potential sources of exposure include close contact for prolonged periods of time with customers, touching your face after handling items, cash, or merchandise that customers with COVID-19 have touched. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends the following guidelines for both grocery store workers and customers;

  • Limit the number of customers allowed in the store. 
  • Limit close contact and remain 6 feet apart from each other. 
  • Wear a mask in public settings. Do not allow anyone without masks to enter the shop. 
  • Use touchless payment methods when available. Minimize handling cash, credit cards, and mobile devices. 
  • Designate workers to monitor and facilitate physical distancing in checkout lines.
  • Install hand-sanitizer stations near entrances and key locations.

Although these guidelines seem to protect staff from contagious infections, they’re also helpful in preventing shoplifting.

What You Can Do As A Retail Store Owner?

Implement specific policies to minimize face-to-face contact while keeping an eye on customers all the time. Assign work tasks that allow them to maintain six feet distance while dealing with clients. Install CCTV systems to keep every corner of the store in your watch. We can help you with CCTV installation in Dallas and surrounding areas. Remember, you need to educate your staff on retail security first.

With a little mindfulness and vigilance, you can ensure retail store security on holidays. For further assistance or a free consultation on your retail security needs, contact Agile Security. As one of the leading private security companies in Dallas, Texas, we pride ourselves on providing the best security services in the state. We would be happy to offer our client-specific security patrol services to secure your business. 

Stay safe and from Agile Security, have a great Christmas!

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