Security Guard vs Video Surveillance: What’s More Effective?

Why the question of video surveillance vs security guard patrol services has become more significant in the security circles? We are living in an age where crime is rampant. Criminals seem to have become more brazen every day. Businesses have become a major target. Shoplifting is responsible for massive losses in retail. Homes and apartments are potential break-in targets. No matter where you are, you can never be too safe.

Both Closed-circuit television systems (Or CCTVs) and security guards act as a visible deterrent. However, you have to decide which one is likely to be better for you.

Security Guards Advantages:

Security officers are usually more effective wherever the threat of bodily injury is a concern. They have the unique ability to patrol every square inch of a facility. They react quickly, whether it is stopping a crime or reporting the authorities. The security guards do complete checking of people and their luggage. This means weapons cannot enter your property leading to better security.

Having physical guards bring additional benefits of providing enhanced security. Guards can be responsive to other issues; utility, chemical or gas leaks and weather damage. Having a trained and experienced professional on the site is a great advantage.

Security Guards Disadvantages:

A security guard may offer a few disadvantages. Obtaining 24/7 security may come at a high cost. Ill-trained guards may provide a false sense of security within the vicinity. If you hire a security guard, make sure there is insurance coverage. Any negligence claims may lead to legal actions. Issues like wrongful detention are common with on-foot security. Even the best security companies have additional issues such as training, loyalty and job satisfaction. Shift management for 24/7 patrolling is a tedious job with high expenses.

Let’s review the pros and cons of the video surveillance system.

Advantages of CCTV Surveillance System:

While you may require some guidance in options for CCTV cameras, video surveillance provides reliable 24/7 coverage. Cameras are a valuable resource for documenting and identifying a criminal. CCTV includes the benefits of audio warnings, with integrated audio systems. This reduces the risk of false alarms. It also reduces the time needed for monitoring. It provides adaptability, allowing their use at any kind of site. 

CCTV comes up with lower levels of required maintenance. People feel more comfortable in the presence of security cameras. These systems cannot be threatened and easily disarmed.

Disadvantages of CCTV Surveillance System:

As a stand-alone security system, video surveillance is less of a deterrent. Many CCTV systems may not offer the risk-free security many businesses or households want. A surveillance camera cannot take immediate action in case of any danger. The range of view of the CCTV may be limited. There might be areas of the property hidden from the view of the camera. Covering every corner of the property would require too many cameras. A CCTV by itself is not enough to prevent crimes and violent people from intrusion.

The Secure Combination:

Often the right choice is a difficult one. Security officers are needed during hours where you want to prevent bodily injury. While video surveillance after hours prevents the threat of theft and vandalism. Many companies employ the traditional security guard and camera model. Thus, you can have a few on-site security guards and a few off-site security staff monitoring the CCTVs.

Companies can also use monitored CCTV to keep their staff accountable. With cameras in place, managers can always verify that their guards are performing their duties. When devising security plan for your property, remember one thing. Having a human element in your video monitoring will truly make your property safe.


Identify which alternative presents the most cost-effective solution and then be confident in your choice of security systems. The best security option is the blended solution – a setup where the tasks are divided between on-site and off-site security staff. When guards know they have a backup at the room monitoring center, they can feel comfortable leaving the on-site control room to tend to issues around the property.

By combining the two arrangements, the security companies can reach their safety goals. To facilitate this, choose high quality, trustworthy and reputable companies to manage all aspects of security.

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