Tips to Improve Home Security and Prevent Burglary

A home is burgled in the United States every 15 seconds. That means every minute, home security systems of 4 houses fail to protect them. That’s alarming! What’s even more troubling, is the fact that only 13% of thieves get caught. 

The initial step for home security is to eliminate possible security loopholes for burglars. Identify the weak areas plan to make adjustments accordingly. Being aware of potential security risks and taking action early is the best way to deter crime. 

Do you know most of the burglaries occur during the day time? Yes, you heard it right. Burglars prefer breaking in early morning or afternoon. Because most houses owners are at their places of work which makes their property easily accessible.

To secure your home completely from external danger is not impossible. There are plenty of measures to make your home burglar-proof. Do extensive research on which security company in Dallas can help you in taking proactive measures. This article will help you protect your house on your own and also, help you decide which security service is appropriate for you.

1. Factors that Make Your Home Desirable to Burglars

There are a few factors that burglars look for when targeting a home. Put these factors into consideration while securing your home.  

  • If you don’t have a reputable alarm company sign on site.
  • If your home is vacant during the day.
  • If your house is not well lit.
  • If you are flaunting a luxurious lifestyle
  • If you don’t have a dog
  • If your neighborhood has seen a burglary before.
  • If your home is in an alley or surrounded by trees or bushes.

Tips to Protect Your Home

i. Survey your home from the outside

Survey your home from the eyes of a burglar. After watching out, scout out the weak spots of the house. Take a note of the expensive items and try to make small adjustments to keep them out of sight. You can avail inspection services of a reliable security company in Dallas to assess the current security state of your house.

ii. Prune trees and keep fences

Eliminate the options of hiding spots for a burglar. Prune trees and plant thorny shrubs to make it difficult to break in. In addition, installing a fence can be an excellent way to keep off the burglars. In fact, open chain-link or ornamental metal fencing is more preferable. 

iii. Keep your yard free of toys, tools, and ladder

A yard with toys attracts the burglars. They then target valuable tools like tablets, laptops present inside the house. A ladder or toolbox also gives opportunities for entering the house. Therefore, Avoid putting ladders and tools outside the house.

iv. Install lighting especially at entrances

Install sufficient lighting in the walkways to remove dark corners. Place motion detectors at entrances and dark corners to stop a potential intruder. Also, install spotlights at your doors, windows, and streets for your home security. A well-lit neighborhood deters home crimes.

v. Keep the gates and doors locked

Invest in a quality padlock for your home security. Unfortunately, 24 percent of the population leave their doors unlocked. Keep your doors and windows locked when you can’t keep an eye on it. Moreover, make sure to have deadbolts for your exterior doors. Sliding doors should also be locked safely. Also, don’t keep the lock open if you are waiting for your family or friends. 

vi. Stay connected with your neighbors

Rate of burglar crime decreases when you have a good neighborhood. Your neighbors can be a great asset to prevent some crimes. Usually, they look out for you and provide you an outside perspective. Besides, they can alert you to any suspicious activity that occurs in your absence. Create an invaluable awareness and commitment to crime prevention in your area. If you are leaving the house for a few days, inform one trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home.

vii. Secure valuables and keys

Don’t leave the valuables in an easily accessible place. Keep them in a secure and safe lockbox. In case of emergency, give your passcode to only trusted ones. Don’t hide your personal keys outside your homes. Instead, leave a spare key to a trusted neighbor.

viii. Add privacy films to doors and glasses

Glass doors and windows are considered beautiful additions in homes but they are a little risky. Therefore, line them with privacy film to prevent distortion and potential intruders. Burglars can also break in through small windows. So, install safety glass or metal bars to deter crime. 

Dogs are a deal-breaker for me,” said one inmate. “Big breeds, home protectors are the best to keep people out.”

ix. Buy a home security system

Install a well-known security system with features that best meet your needs. Several security companies in Dallas can help you in providing adequate security systems. Security systems come out with countless features like security cameras and motion detectors. Also, inform your family about security systems to cut down on false alarms.

x. Put timers on lights and turn down your doorbell

Select a few lights in your home to remain lit while you are not at home. This reduces the chance of burglary. Even set up outdoor lights on the entrances. Additionally, a bright house doesn’t welcome potential intruders. Turn down your doorbells by having a battery-operated radio so the thieves will think the house is not vacant. 

xi. Don’t advertise your trips

Avoid the urge of advertising your trip to everyone. The more people know, the more the possibility of a break-in. Avoid posting on social media and telling your whole neighborhood. Also, don’t leave a message on your landline of you being out of the town. 

xii. Have security dogs

Not a dog owner? Then you might be in trouble. Homeowners should reconsider having big, loud dogs so most of the burglars would stay away. About 50 percent of the burglars think that the presence of a dog makes them think twice. KTVB interviewed a group of burglars who reveled their preferences in a burglary. “Dogs are a deal-breaker for me,” said one inmate. “Big breeds, home protectors are the best to keep people out.” The barking sound of a dog is ranked as the second most important home burglary prevention. 

2. What to Improve in Home Security?

You can never be too safe when it comes to home security. Take all the possible safety measures to keep protect your home and family. Each security measure will reduce the chances of a security breach because sometimes you have to plan for a mishap before it happens. Install the best security systems services for your safety. Contact us for a free consultation about your security needs. You want to secure your home, we want the same for you!

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